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Decker Prairie Band is modern country with a Texas Soul. Formed in 2014 in The Woodlands area, Megan and Joel are the heart of Decker Prairie Band.


For Megan, singing has always been a part of life. Inspired by the rich voices of Martina and Reba, and the stories sung by George and Garth, Megan expanded her musical interests from just singing with the school choir and indulging in the tunes of country music’s finest, to performing at local opries and talent shows. She began writing in college and later turned her writing into music upon collaborations with an old high school friend, Joel.


Joel grew up in a musical household and took to the drums as a toddler. With the lifelong dream of becoming a drummer and the devastation of not having the opportunity to bring the drums to college, Joel found a new door opening. Keeping with his natural musical talent, Joel taught himself guitar and began songwriting. The new challenge created a domino effect and Joel began exploring new instruments and genres since then, including collaborations with hip hop artists and eventually founding Decker Prairie Band with Megan as the lead guitarist and co-writer. 

Megan's country roots mixed with Joel's diverse musical ventures produce collaborative writing efforts that maintain one constant - lyrical honesty and authenticity.

Photo Credit: Heather Zook

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